• An Unknown Future and a Known God

    Prime Matters: Monsignor Shea hosts a conversation with Fr. John and Mary. Join us.

  • On being transformed by the gospel

    Fr. John Riccardo joins Fr. Dave Pivonka, Dr. Scott Hahn and Dr. Regis Martin for a conversation on the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

    To learn more go to and

  • Ave Maria Interviews

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    A series of engaging conversations between Al Kresta, Ave Maria Radio, and Fr. John Riccardo.

  • Q&A on Home Groups

    Join us as we talk with the Pipers. To learn more, go to

  • A Parish Conversation: The Rescue Project

    Our friends in Fishers Indiana, Fr. Haan and his team, share their highly successful launch of the Rescue Project with Fr. John Riccardo and Mary Guilfoyle.