Leadership Transformation

Leadership Transformation

We firmly believe that God leads His Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. And we believe the key to transformation in the Church is three principles: (1) Reacquire a Biblical Worldview, (2) It's not enough to be a staff, and (3) Prayerfully discerning God's plan. Join us for talks which help explain and equip you on these principles.
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Leadership Transformation
  • It’s not enough to be a staff

    Fr. John Riccardo and Mary Guilfoyle break open the Second Essential Principle for transformation in the Church.

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  • Set apart for the work of ministry

    Do you do “work” in the Church? Are have you been set apart for ministry? Fr. John Riccardo preaches on the calling on each of us.
    This is one of four key elements in understanding “It’s not enough to be a staff”.

  • Restoring the Initiative to God

    Fr. John Riccardo breaks open a key element of Prayerfully Discerning God’s Plan, the Third Essential Principle for transformation in the Church:
    Restore the Initiative to God.

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