Featured / New Releases

Featured / New Releases

Featuring some of the latest encouragement and inspiration from ACTS XXIX!
May you grow in hope and joy as you soak in the Biblical worldview.
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Featured / New Releases
  • The Beauty of Hope

    Seeking encouragement? Wearied by the storms of life? Fr. John Riccardo powerfully preaches on the beauty of hope on October 31, 2022.

  • Swear to God

    Fr. John Riccardo reflects on the meaning of faith. From a preaching at St. Louis de Montfort, Fishers Indiana in March 2024.
    #Allegiance #Assent #Declaration #EmbodiedFidelity #JesusIsLord

  • Restoring the Initiative to God

    Fr. John Riccardo breaks open a key element of Prayerfully Discerning God’s Plan, the Third Essential Principle for transformation in the Church:
    Restore the Initiative to God.

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  • Just Breathe

    In January 2023, Fr. John Riccardo kicked off the Good News Cruise in its pre-sailing event. Fr. John preaches the good news that we are part of a grand story, and that the Author is trustworthy.

    We thank Ave Maria Radio and Corporate Travel for making this recording.

  • Rescued for What... at the Alpha Conference

    What does it mean to say, “Love listens?” According to Acts XXIX Founder Fr. John Riccardo, God says, “To say love listens, means God listens. Think for a moment, what is the cry of your heart right now? Forget the world because God hears it. But He doesn’t just hear, He does something. And as he...