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Seeking encouragement and inspiration? As missionaries of hope, we have seen the transforming power of life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ. We are glad you are here! Join us in conversation!

On this channel, we not only host the acclaimed gospel experience, The Rescue Project, but some of the best curated preaching and equipping from Fr. John Riccardo and the ACTS XXIX team. Get to know us. And get in touch!

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  • Leadership Transformation

    3 videos

    We firmly believe that God leads His Church by the power of the Holy Spirit. And we believe the key to transformation in the Church is three principles: (1) Reacquire a Biblical Worldview, (2) It's not enough to be a staff, and (3) Prayerfully discerning God's plan. Join us for talks which help e...

  • Becoming Catholic

    0 seasons

    A series for those seeking to become Catholic, originally preached as a part of the RCIA preparation when Fr. John Riccardo was the pastor at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth Michigan (The initial six talks have been replaced with The Rescue Project). Part of the "Vintage Fr. John Riccardo" c...

  • Ave Maria Interview Series

    1 season

    A series of engaging conversations between Al Kresta, Ave Maria Radio, and Fr. John Riccardo.

  • Rescate
    1 season


    1 season

    Creemos apasionadamente que la tarea más urgente es la proclamación convincente del evangelio, una que no solo lo comparta de una manera atractiva y concentrada, sino que también ofrezca a las personas una forma de ver la realidad y de dar sentido al mundo, la historia y la vida que es muy difere...

  • The Rescue Project

    1 season

    We passionately believe that the most urgent task is the compelling proclamation of the gospel, one that not only shares it in an attractive – and concentrated – way, but that also offers people a way of seeing reality, and of making sense of the world, history, and life that is vastly different ...

  • Running Rescue

    2 seasons

    Looking to get equipped to run Rescue? Enjoy our two seasons:
    - Running Rescue: Our equipping videos produced with 4PM Media.
    - Launch Livestreams: Recordings of our weekly launch accompaniment.

    For even more equipping resources, go to our website:

  • Marriage through the Lens of Scripture

    2 seasons

    Fr. John Riccardo prepares couples for marriage. Includes:
    - The Series: An inspiring and full biblical worldview of marriage.
    - Testimonials: How couples have experienced this.