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Ch 2 Why is there something rather than nothing?

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The Rescue Project

Ch 1 Why stories are important


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  • Ch 2 Why is there something rather th...

    Chapter Two examines Scipture’s answer to this profound question and the impact it can have on our lives right now.

    “Either all individual things are the product of evolution, including man. Or else they are not…Of course, the question remains open whether being … has a meaning and it cannot be ...

  • Ch 3 The Enemy is the enemy

    Why is everything so obviously messed up? Chapter Three shines light on why things are not as they should be, and identifies the one and only enemy of the human race.

    “The sight of these happy creatures filled the devil and his fallen angels with anger and envy. They took thought as to how they ...

  • Ch 4 It gets worse

    Chapter Four helps us to understand what the dire predicament every single human person is in and why we need someone to rescue us.

    “The controlling metaphor of this section is slavery and freedom. Paul paints a black-or- white picture of the human situation: either one lives in service to sin a...